New Home Construction

Alyson and Doug

In August 2009, Alyson and her family returned from dinner to find their home burned to the ground. Alyson and Doug describe it as “one of life’s most stressful events.” Overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, they called Bob that very night. “Having been friends for years, we always loved the work we had seen and knew Bob would be a great help,” they recall.

“Bob and Paula were amazing,” Alyson says. “They dealt with the city, the insurance company, an architect, and with our family to build our dream home.” Bob started by asking for their wish list and incorporated everything they wanted: a walk-in pantry, an extra bedroom and bath, an upstairs laundry, and an expanded kitchen and living area (while still maintaining an open and roomy design). “Once we had the floor plan in place, Bob broke the remaining parts into smaller projects we could handle and made a point to oversee every little detail. It made something overwhelming really manageable,” Alyson explains.

“Bob is a great communicator,” says Doug. “He is very organized and plans the entire project and timeline accordingly. He finished our project ahead of schedule and on budget. That still blows my mind!

“Bob has subcontractors that he has worked with for years,” Doug says. “They intuitively know what Bob wants and when he wants it. All of his workers — wood flooring, travertine flooring, wrought iron, drywall, plumber, electrician, etc. — were incredible and all speak highly of him, his knowledge and his integrity. You never hear stories like this from people who are building a home from the ground up.”

Says Alyson, “Our neighbors all had a chance to meet Bob and his crew during the construction of our home, and they have seen our new home. As a result, many of our neighbors have since used Bob’s services for remodels and all have loved working with Bob!”