Remodeling Project

George and Judy

“The backyard was dirt, literally nothing, when we moved in,” says George. “You’d never believe it to look at our space now. Bob helped us turn it into the beautiful outdoor living space you see today. With the addition of 1,000 square feet of outdoor living space, our home looks expansive.”

George and Judy met Bob when he was building a home for a friend. George was impressed with the fact that when he and his friends made suggestions, Bob listened and took their wishes and incorporated them into the plans. The same thing happened when Bob built their outdoor living space. “We had some ideas and Bob had some ideas — and it just worked wonderfully,” says George. “Plus, he is such a nice man and the craftsmanship is excellent.

“My wife loves this space. We recently held our 50th anniversary dinner for 30 people in our home. The party started in the front courtyard and moved through the house to the outdoor pavilion, living room and dining room. It was a pretty impressive event!” George says.