Remodeling Project

Pete and Laura

Pete and Laura have lived in their home for nine years — long enough to know they weren’t happy with the flow of their kitchen and that updates would make their house not only more functional but a more comfortable place to call home. Their family had seen Bob’s work before and heard from friends about his impeccable reputation. When they finally decided it was time to remodel their living space, they knew Bob was someone they could trust.

The renovation included a lot more than a complete kitchen remodel. Several spaces were created in addition to those that were redesigned: a mud room/office, wine room, indoor/outdoor living space with LaCantina doors, and an alcove to feature a special sculpture that’s near and dear to Pete’s heart.

“Friends who wondered why we were remodeling are wowed at the results,” says Pete. “The dining room that opens to our patio and incorporates the wine room is breathtaking!” he says. “But, best of all, I love working with Bob. He’s got an easygoing personality, so when he calls it the way it is, it’s easy to hear. He’s a confident professional with a great team and tradesmen he’s worked with for a long time, and he has tons of integrity.” Pete was also impressed that Bob was always available and provided awesome customer service.

“I love working with the guy so much that he’s building our new home from the ground up,” says Pete.